...because love is a funny thing.

Come on in. Put your feet up. Heck, you can sit around in your underwear. I won’t know. Let’s start with the big news. My two-time Golden Heart® Award finaling* manuscript Welcome Home, Katie Gallagher has been sold to Harlequin SuperRomance. It will be published July 1, 2017.

You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Although, honestly, why anyone would follow me on Twitter is beyond me. Every time I get one of those emails telling me that someone new is following me, I wonder, ‘Why?!’ At least with my Pinterest boards, you can see hot guys and beautiful landscapes. With Facebook, you’ll get funny memes and whatnot. Twitter? Let's just say I have yet to master the 140 character whitticism.

*Yes. I know that’s not a word, but that’s the wonderful thing about language. It’s always changing and growing, taking on the hue of the society in which it is used. And, it was easier to use the non-word than to rephrase the sentence. The first part is true, though. Prithee, do we still say thee and thou? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Mind you, I hate it when business people verb nouns when perfectly good verbs expressing that exact meaning already exist. WTH, business folk? Cut it out! Wow, I kind of lost control of this note. Uh, move along. Nothing to see here. 


​​Seana Kelly