Welcome Home, Katie Gallagher

from Harlequin SuperRomance, pub 7/1/17

After realizing that marriage hasn’t curtailed her husband’s dating habits, Kate Gallagher grabs a chance to start her life over by moving to the Bar Harbor, Maine cabin her grandmother left her.

It sounded like the perfect place to lick her wounds and battle the self-doubt her ex-husband ingrained in her. Fortunately for Kate, her plans quickly become upended when she finds herself ricocheting between the grumpily seductive Chief of Police and the local carpenter who’s doing his damnedest to sweep her off her feet. That’s when the real fun begins.

Still angry and disillusioned after his fiancé dumped him at the altar, Aiden Cavanaugh is content to sleepwalk through life. That is until he happens upon a car parked in the middle of a deserted road. Behind the wheel is Katie Gallagher. It’s been fifteen years but he’d know that face anywhere. He’d fallen in love with her when he was five years old, following around after an oblivious Kate.

Now she’s back, complicating his staid existence, making him feel things he’d rather not feel. He’s torn, wanting to honor his wife by staying away from her but finding himself uncontrollably drawn. Instead of feeling relief when his friend Bear tries to woo her, Aiden acts as the world’s worst wingman.

...because love is a funny thing.

​​​​Seana Kelly