​​​​Seana Kelly

No one can sneak up on you, if you keep your back to the wall. No one can hide in the shadows, if you never turn off the lights. No one can hurt you, if you never let them touch you. Does Sam Quinn have trust issues? You bet she does. 

For seven years she’s hidden, content in her home, the bookstore and bar she owns and runs. She’s surrounded herself with witches and wizards, dwarfs and necromancers, vampires and goddesses. Hell, she even has a half-demon for a cook, but no werewolves, not ever. The scarring she tries to hide is only one of the reasons.

A woman’s savaged body is dumped in the San Francisco Bay to smash against Sam’s bar window. He's found her. The one who scarred her is taunting her, threatening the same end. Sam will need to come out of hiding and fight if she’s going to survive.

Clive, the Master of the City, is hundreds of years old and understands the long game. He’s  been quietly, expertly, pulling Sam out of the shadows, and placing her right by his side. When she’s threatened, he struggles, wanting to protect her, but understanding the only way they can ever be together is if she faces her fears on her own.  

...because love is a funny thing.